Build a NBA odds with game points, player points, rebunds, double double and much more!

Betbuilder function is a fantastic tool if you like to bet on basketball and particular NBA games.

Instead of one betting option with a typical odds of 1.86 you can now increase your odds big time if you and more betting markets to your odds.

It can look like this picture below, check out the odds!

Lakers - Bucks 

  • Over 221,5 game points
  • Lebron over 28,5 points
  • Giannis over 27,5 points
  • Lebron double double yes
  • A. Davis over 11,5 rebunds

Why you should try out nba betting!

If you never tried betting on basketball you defentely missed something. First of all, it is very fast and there can be big game changers in just one quarter. One team can be down by 20 points in halftime with a comeback and winner odds at 8-10 Times your stake.